HONOLULU (NEXSTAR) – The Maui Police Department updated the number of confirmed deaths to 96 around 9 p.m. Sunday, Maui County said in a statement.

In a video update released earlier on Sunday, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said more than 2,700 structures were destroyed in Lahaina and “an estimated value of $5.6 billion has gone away.

Green said the response has been “comprehensive” in the past several days: “We are bringing the full force of government to try to do all we can to alleviate suffering.”

FEMA is overseeing the federal response in Hawaii with 416 personnel including FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell.

“We’ve had a lot of time to discuss how we will ultimately rebuild Lahaina and support Maui,” Green said.

Green said President Joe Biden has “authorized the full force of the federal government in support of us.”

A federal urban search and rescue team will be accompanied by 20 dogs that can locate the places where people have perished.

“I will tell you this, as a physician, it is a harrowing sight in Maui,” Green said. “When those providers, the police and this division, do come across scenes in houses or businesses it is very difficult for them because they know, ultimately, they will be sharing with our people that there have been more fatalities. I do expect the numbers to rise.”

The following fire updates were also provided:

  • The Upcountry/Kula from Aug. 8 is now 60% contained
  • The Lahaina fire from Aug. 8 is now 85% contained
  • The Pulehu/Kihei fire from Aug. 8 remains 100% contained
  • The Pu’ukoli’i/ Kaanapali fire from Aug. 11 was extinguished Aug. 12

A fire that is 100% contained is not the same as a fire that is extinguished. To be 100% contained means firefighters have the fire fully surrounded by a perimeter, whereas a fire that is extinguished is over.

Maui County also reported on Aug. 13, that the Upcountry/Kula wildifire has claimed 19 homes. Three homes were destroyed in Olinda and 16 were leveled in Kula.

Gov. Green issued the fifth Emergency Proclamation Sunday night. The newest proclamation suspends additional laws to facilitate emergency response, recovery and rebuilding.

The proclamation will also allow pharmacists to refill prescriptions with up to a 30-day supply for those directly affected by the wildfire.

The $10 million cap on expenditures from the Major Disaster Fund will also be lifted.

Lastly, it discourages nonessential travel to West Maui to free up accommodations for displaced residents and emergency workers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.