It’s been three years since JR’s Southpork Ranch took their leap of faith, but they can still remember the splash.

“‘You’re gonna do a lobster roll at the Iowa State Fair?’” remembers chef, Heath Sheeley.

“Oh, we got ‘are you crazy?’” laughs Brooks Reynolds, JR’s owner.

At the Iowa State Fair — the land of all things turf — they offered surf.

And it worked.

“By the third or fourth day we had a line around the block and those same people came back and said ‘I knew that was gonna be a great idea!’” Sheeley says.

The gaudy lobster paired with the garish price tag to create a buzz that rattled social media.

“Having the $29 mark and having lobster on the menu — yeah, it was totally the shock value,” Sheeley admits. “That’s kind of the reason we’re bringing the footlong this year.”

Right — for those who’ve become conditioned to a $29 lobster roll … here’s a bigger one for $55.

“So it’s over twice the size for less than twice the price,” Reynolds points out.

It’s a steal! 8 ounces of Maine lobster, fresh shallots, capers, celery, and mayo … and a story to tell.

You bought the most expensive Fair food — ever.

At least until next year.