A family of six from Johnston is among the thousands fleeing from the wildfires in Hawaii.
Adam and Traci Crabb began planning their vacation to paradise last year. For the first half of their trip, Maui lived up to their dreams. Until one night the sky turned orange with fire.

“We came outside and looked out and were like, Oh my God what is happening? You could see the smoke but then later that evening the orange sky from all the fire was pretty intense,” said Adam Crabb.

Their hotel located about a mile from the fast moving wildfire in Lahaina was evacuated. They had no roof over their head, no cell service or power and no way to contact their worried family back home in Iowa.

“We stayed the night in the van Tuesday night, we walked up to a shelter at a local high school and we were able to walk up a hill and get service and were able to make a quick call to my parents and say hey- we’re safe , everything is OK,” explained Traci Crabb.

Safe, but stranded. The family has spent the last few days trying to catch a flight off the island.

“After you see the devastation, the loss of life, the loss of entire communities, that really puts things into perspective. We slept on a church floor last night. Some of the kindest people I’ve every met took us in as their own and hopefully it does alter our perspectives for the rest of our lives,” said Adam.

“It’s just absolutely devastating, unreal to hear about so any help people can give them it is definitely needed and lots and lots of prayers,” said Traci.

The family is asking for prayers and donations to the Red Cross for the scarred paradise they are leaving behind. They are scheduled to fly out Friday evening Maui time.